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Igor Zafievsky 2 months ago • updated 2 months ago 6

Is there a way to undocking Iridium Studio views to make a work more comfortable in multi-display PCs?

Matthijs Dankelman 2 months ago 0

Automatic resize Studio when towing to top of screen or side of screen in windows doesn't work in win7 

i'm used to this standard function of windows. Is it possible to implement this?

Matthijs Dankelman 2 months ago • updated by Oksana (expert) 2 months ago 1

"view changelog" doesn't go to good page in i3 studio it redirects to main page of iridium

Oksana (expert) 2 months ago

Hello Matthijs,

Please, choose English localization in Studio. We know about this issue and will fix in next versions.

zied 3 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 months ago 3
Tero Mäkelä 3 months ago • updated 2 months ago 6

Got email that Beckhoff ADS driver is finally available! Wohoo, first I was crying cause i was so happy! But, fortunately driver still shows "beta" in iridium studio version 1.1.5 and i can't get ADS connection to work. It just freezes twincat 3 every time i'll add command/feedback channel to iridium server.

Any ideas?

Best regards,


Barry Jones 4 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 4 months ago 5

does the raspberry pi zwave driver work with raspberry pi home assistant. and if not is there a driver to control things on home assistant. ie zwave, alarm stuff and more

Rafael Pierozzi 4 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 months ago 17


I'm having some problem when using XBMC JS with KODI devices.

I imported JS modude to a metrohouse GUI but when try to connect it does not connect, just keep trying.

Sometimes it shows a screen asking to try again, sometimes it appears the green aside the kodi name, sometimes red.

Log only shows:

[19-04-2017 17:16:00.833] INFO CORE *** The client started to work ***

[19-04-2017 17:18:20.350] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

[19-04-2017 17:18:20.476] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

[19-04-2017 17:26:40.407] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

[19-04-2017 17:26:45.194] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

[19-04-2017 17:26:45.313] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

[19-04-2017 17:26:53.075] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

Devices tried:

1 - Kodi 16.1 - Windows 7

2 - Kodi 16 - Raspberry pi Openelec

3 - Kodi 17 - Android tablet

4 - Kodi 17 - Macbook pro OSX 10.12.4

If anyone has faced some difficulties like this please share the solution for this issue.



Vladimir Bykov 4 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 4 months ago 2

You released new version 1.1.4, but my Studio doesn't detect it. Could you tell me why?

Christian 4 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 4 months ago 2

Good morning, I would like to know how to do to be able to turn on some light with the schedule of some page, "Yahoo", and I update daily, from now thank you !!!

Benno Evers 4 months ago 0

This seems only to work with EVENT_ITEM_PRESS and EVENT_ITEM_RELEASE, please add the other possible events too.