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He wants a script which listens to external http get requests and triggers something within iridium, like Macro or a channel.

Many people asked for that solution 

После обновления до 1.1.4 у меня перестало на сервере все работать, пока я не удалил вручную папку iridium pro в документах. Потом переставил приложение, залил проект заново и начало работать.

Вдруг и вам поможет)

да, retain это очень важно для mqtt, если применять в автоматизации

nice, thank you last thing: what if we can replace _channel_ with the name of the tag? 

I tried


But did not work

scripts are hard to use if you not a programmer (and iRidium is not for programmers, it is for installers).

Where is +value taken from? Can we use it as data modification, like this? (so tag which has this function selected sends data to http)? If yes, it would be a nice solution

After reinstall no drivers worked. After I clean Documents\iRidium pro documents\Server\Documents - works ok now, including MQTT

seems like new install of server has problem with all drivers, not only mqtt. let me try reinstall