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I just want to have some time and merge it with http send solution here:

Then we are going to have a full featured http send-receive example, which people without any script knowledge whould be ableto use

Great job, it works! I've made an improvement which helps anyone to use it without getting to script source. You just send drivername, channel and value and it works!

//Control part: send http://[server address]/[driver name],[channel name],[value]
   part = httpRequest.split(",");
   IR.Log("payload: " +part[0] +" " +part[1] +" " +part[2]);
   IR.GetDevice(part[0]).Set(part[1], part[2]);

Here is the project example:


More improvements are welcome!

Thank you Martin! How to use it? What can we send to it and what to do then?

He wants a script which listens to external http get requests and triggers something within iridium, like Macro or a channel.

Many people asked for that solution 

После обновления до 1.1.4 у меня перестало на сервере все работать, пока я не удалил вручную папку iridium pro в документах. Потом переставил приложение, залил проект заново и начало работать.

Вдруг и вам поможет)

да, retain это очень важно для mqtt, если применять в автоматизации

nice, thank you last thing: what if we can replace _channel_ with the name of the tag? 

I tried


But did not work

scripts are hard to use if you not a programmer (and iRidium is not for programmers, it is for installers).

Where is +value taken from? Can we use it as data modification, like this? (so tag which has this function selected sends data to http)? If yes, it would be a nice solution

After reinstall no drivers worked. After I clean Documents\iRidium pro documents\Server\Documents - works ok now, including MQTT