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No I haven´t, I can give that a try aswell. It all works fine if done only through the KNX devices, the pushbutton and the Dali Gateway.

Hi, Yes, in ETS the channel is programmed as a Dimming Control. I have attached a couple of images, the first one show where I manually send to the channel and the second image is of the touch button settings.

Also, in Iridium I have the correspinding Feedback/channel as below.

Ok, so I have done some tests, I can´t get a proper value from any device sending 4bit dimming nor if I send it in ETS4, I can only get Iridium to register that as true/false if I change the value to 1bit switching. But I don´t get anything when sending 4 bit dimming at all. Any ideas?

Also, the gloabl listner doesn´t work either, it behaves the sae way. What I can get is switching values and temperature...

Hi and thanks for your reply!

Ok, I haven´t got any panel for this project, I only use the server for logic. But I will create a panel project for and give it a try...

All sorted, it was the server that couldn´t connect to the KNX IP interface. I enabled debug logging on the server. After changing the NAT settings on the KNX driver in the server project it could connect and the message went away. Not sure if that is a correct message for that error though?

Ok, I have added the license file that I got, to the studio on the computer where I run the client. But I stil get the message no license present or no connection to iridium server. Could it be the connection to the server that's incorrect? Can you please advice on how to add the correct settings for the server connection? Thanks in advance!

Great, I will have a look at it, thanks for all the help!! :)

I have to do this on that specific computer that runs the client?

I have only tested the client on a computer, it´s a Surface Pro running Windows 10 .