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I working a project that required integration with DigitalStrom lighting system. I have tried so many way to make it works but still no luck. I need help right now. DigitalStrom is using http Get command..example

How do it write this in iridium..

Thanks guys..

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You tried to send this command through the browser? If so, then please tell me it works?

In this case, try to intercept a command sent to the device. This can be done using the program Wireshark. For this you need to configure it a certain way. Look at the picture:

1) For starters, set a filter. Where:

ip.dst_host - the type of filter - The destination IP-address (in this case, the address of the Yahoo weather site - weather.yahooapis.com)

2) Then make an enquiry through the browser using your link. In the resulting strings, find the string with GET request. Like on the picture.

3) In the window with the detailed information you will find the complete contents of the command.

You will then be able to use this data to send commands to the device via the TCP driver (AV & Custom Systems (TCP))