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Sonos by rocfusion trial

Roger [rocfusion] 5 лет назад в Готовые скриптовые модули обновлен Francesco Zangara 5 лет назад 2
The new Sonos module developed by rocfusion takes the Sonos to a new level for the iRidium Mobile platform.

Key Features:

  • Familiar Design for the end user.
  • Built for the installer to allow quick integration to your existing projects.
  • Dedicate an iPad to control a specific selection of Sonos Players.
  • Multi-Language Support.
  • Support for Sonos Connect Players hooked up to Global Cache controlled receivers
  • Improved support for Sonos Favorites
  • Search functionality
  • Custom Scene Buttons
This trial version which is time limited. Sonos by rocfusion is available to purchase on a device or site basis. If you have questions regarding this module please send a email to sonos@rocfusion.com

The trial can be downloaded from here

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