SCript garbage memory collected

stagiair 8 years ago in i2 Control V2.2 updated 8 years ago 8


I got a messages in my log file of Iridium, "[18-02-2016 15:45:34.429] DEBUG Script garbage memory collected".

Is it possible to remove this Debug messages. Or how can i fix the problem so it does not show anymore?



This message is displayed automatically when triggered by the garbage collector. Unfortunately, you can't disable this message, but it will not effect on the project and is for informational purposes.

Thank you for your answer.

Is it maybe possible to change the interval between the messages?

Unfortunately, you cannot influence the frequency of display of this message.

It is possible when you are using remote debugging by setting the messages to INFO.

You will miss a couple of other messages but errors in your code are generally still shown. A syslog server is required so it takes a bit more setup but I like it because you can use it to test on an iPad itself.

for more info see: http://wiki2.iridiummobile.net/IRidium_App#Logging

You are right, using remote debugging, you can avoid these messages.

It removed the messages

i put this messages

The info button was debug.

So it worked thank you.