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AMX commands supported by iRidium - keyboard or keypad

Roman Cervenan 8 лет назад в Продукты / AMX обновлен 8 лет назад 3


in AMX commands supported by iRidium are also AKEYB- and AKEYP- commands listed.

When I use this command form AMX master, I can see, that on iPad (i2 v2.2 control) is opened iPad's native keyboard (one small problem here: both AKEYB and AKEYP commands show keyboard, but AKEYP should open only keypad - only with numbers).

Now I have problems:

- I do not see anything what I'm typing

- when I hit Enter on this keyboard, I do not receive expected string in my AMX master: "KEYB-whatever_i_typed_in" - I do not receive anything in my Master.

So - am I doing something wrong? Is there any example how to use iPad's keyboard when using with AMX control unit?

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- I do not see anything what I'm typing

What do you mean? If you want to see what you are typing in the interface of Iridium, you need to add in TP4 project the text input element.

when I hit Enter on this keyboard, I do not receive expected string in my AMX master: "KEYB-whatever_i_typed_in" - I do not receive anything in my Master.

Perhaps you have not configured the sending of the entered string to the device.

Can you send your project on email contact@iridiummobile.ru?


now I know how to enter some text using text input button on iPod - as you wrote, I need to have on page the text input element - then Enter works. (Without this text element Enter does nothing. In AMX native panels keypad and keyboard work completely different way). Thank you.

But back to my problem - we have a several old projects, where is this situation (I made some deeper tests and now I can explain more precisely) - please see attached file.

There is a virtual keypad - when you touch Show keypad button. When you hit any button, it writes in blue upper text input (it works in iRidium HD and also in i2 control).

But - In iRidium HD days, when you touched "Done" button, already typed text (input text) was sent to AMX central unit.

Now, in i2 control days, nothing is sent to central unit when touching "Done". Only when you open iPod's native keyboard (you must touch inside blue input area - it popups iPod's keyboard) and hit ENTER - then entered text is sent to AMX central unit (What is strange - we can enter char by both methods - by 0-9 buttons from _keypad popup page and also by hitting any character on iPod's native keyboard).

And finally - when I send AKEYB-, AKEYP- command from AMX CU to i2 control app, all the time is keyboard, not keypad opened.

So my first question is, if there is any way, how to get my old "Done" button to work in i2 control.

And second question is, how to open only keypad on iPod, not whole keyboard, if it is possible.

Thanks for answers.


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