Iridium server ets 4.2.0 (build 3884)

Mauro 9 years ago in Products updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 1

Dear all,

I am building an M&O manual and need the product information for this server:

Iridium server ets 4.2.0 (build 3884) (snapshot attached).

Can anyone provide a link where I can download it?

Thanks in advance!

Mauro Iridium.docx


Dear Mauro

Unfortunately, the screen-shot is too small to see something on it, please send the image with better quality.

We do not clearly understand what do you mean by "iRidium Server ets", we do not provide some separated KNX equipment. You can only install the beta-version of iRIdium Server to Logic Machine by Embedded Systems. And it will not be displayed in ETS