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​Gui. editor hangs

Dariusz 9 jaar geleden in GUI Editor bijgewerkt door Oksana (expert) 8 jaar geleden 5

Gui. editor hangs when trying to save the project. The attempt to open a project fails. I get the message "argument out of range". Given that worked on this project for a few weeks, I have a big problem ... Until yesterday, saving configuration was no problem. Today I made a few small changes (2 group addresses to assign ) I am not able to open my project. Uninstall and installation given nothing, run with administrator rights too. Any ideas?

  • There are always lots of backups in backup folder that is located with your project file
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Please send your project which you are trying to open.

It happened once again. Gui. editor freezes and re-opening of the file is impossible. Even with backup files. I conclude that the use of your applications need to connect to the Internet to buy a new router wifi, new router to the network KNX. And to edit the configuration files I need to buy a new computer. It is not normal. Once again, I lost one month of work on the project.



Dear Darek,

The editor shows any error ?

And please place the files from the archive into the folder with editor

And run the editor using the file editor.exe

After the error appears again, you need to send us the log of the editor. It can be found in the folder "C:\Users\Your User\Documents\iRidium mobile 2\Settings\Editor\Log".