Play some music

evg 9 years ago in iRidium Script updated by oggi katic 8 years ago 4
It would be nice to have an ability to play different music by means of iRidium.
Especially on-line radio.
Waiting for user's reply
We see iRidium as a Remote.
It is good when you can control the audio and video content, but not generate this content.
It is better to stream radio from the media-server then from iRidium. Anyway, you can use AirPlay from Apple.
We have a request about control of AirPlay functionality on iOS (just control it, but not do the same). Don't u think it is better solution?
Now iRidium can't play on-line stream and we can live with it.
But I think it is usefull to have the possibility to send some station from the list to AirPlay'er.
I'd like to try... :)

Hi there.

Right now i am testing on a solution with a Raspberry PI with Mopidy (http://www.pimusicbox.com/), i think it could be a good solution to intergrate a directly choose of etc radio station from Iridium. Pimusicbox is running with JSON - REST API so i think its possible to make a JS driver for that.

Hardware is running stabile and without lacks / crash down / freezing. i have been testing for a month right now - 24/7 without shutdown.. its runnings well.

Its is very interesting because Internet radio with RS232 or TCP/IP is very expensive and most multi room solutions will typical use 2-3 players.

Somebody interested in making JS driver for common use?

Best Regards..