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Damian Hartin 9 years ago in General updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 9 years ago 1

Is there a script command to hide a popup group - couldn't find one?

If not, is there a command to halt macro execution. e.g. Two macro's called on button press, the first to execute some script and the second to hide the group.

If a condition is met in the script - I no longer want the hide the group.



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Unfortunately this function is no in scripts, it's only available through the Macro editor.

In your case I can suggest to hide a group of popups with the command IR.HidePopup().

Combining them one function.

For example here so:

function hide(){

IR.HidePopup("Popup 1");
IR.HidePopup("Popup 2");
IR.HidePopup("Popup 3");