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I have seen in iRidium sample project the use of different fonts to represent Symbols
eg Zones iRiiudm.tff
Weather iRidium_d.tff


Are these documented anywhere?

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About character fonts read here http://support.iridiummobile.net/topic/888255-simvolnyie-shriftyi/?lang=en

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Hi Nikita

Thanks for the link, but I am asking for documentation about the fonts that have been added by iRidium:

What I would like to know is, what is the key to symbol mapping? I do not want to have to go through each font and test each key to see what they do, and write them down for myself. I assume these key-symbol mappings are documented somewhere, can you please tell me where, or publish this onto the wiki.

thanks very much

Dear Jackie,

Download again the archive from the same link.

In the archive I have added a text file "Symbols fonts in iRidium editor GUI.docx"

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Hi Nikita
Thanks for hte document but what I am after is the match between the font key and the symbol
eg in the font iRidium_ios7_General_Font_169_Char,
- a capital V seems to be a circle:

- a captial A is a Star:

and a capital R gives this symbol

What I would like to see, for each of iRidium's fonts, is a document outlining which letters are which symbols.

thanks :)

Sorry Jackie, I forgot to warn you that the fonts must be installed on the system, not just in the editor.

Here, this is the same table in pdf format.

Symbols fonts in iRidium editor GUI.pdf

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ahhh, now that makes sense! Thanks for the pdf format :)