I have no Idea whatsoever about license exhange from V2 (i have an amx site license)

Amr Abouel Seoud 7 лет назад в Лицензирование и маркетинг обновлен Olga (expert) 7 лет назад 6

I cannot understand why do I need to exchange my license before January 31

why do you not explain this and send your customers emails !!

I need to understand what should I do

I have a site license for AMX with iridium v2.2 working on iphones and ipads

I do not intend to change to your server I do not understand what it does

I have tp4 files transferred with tp transfer to the panels

so can someone explain to me ?

u have tags and enterprise licenses now why do I need to exchange

already your I2 control v2.2 is v old not updated are you planning on just abandoning US 1


Dear Amr,

You do not need to exchange your licenses to V3. We recommend the exchange as our V2 application does not support iOS 10. And there will not be any changes in the app any more as Apple stopped supporting 32 bit apps. If everything works fine, you do not need to exchange your license. But if you/your customers plan to have iOS 10 on your iOS devices, then it is better to use iRidium pro (V3).

As for iRidium pro (V3), you do not need to use the server. It is just an option. When selecting a license for V3, select the "Visualization only" configuration. Then you can select the license just by the number of control panels in your project. Please, see more information about licensing of V3 here. You can see prices of V3 in our calculator on the web site.

Sincerely yours,

Olga Ermakova

iRidium mobile Team


I have a site license with unlimited number of panels for my AMX controller on V2 already

1-So I should select Visualization only and Enterprise+ for Unlimited number of Panels(as I already Have ) ?

2-this should be for free ?

thank you for your reply

Hi Olga another question please

my projects is done with TP design4 which I use to transfer to my panels with iridium transfer

my question

how will I transfer to panels TP4 files (if I do not want to use the cloud since internet is very slow in Egypt)?

Dear Amr,

Please, see our comments below:

1. You can exchange your V2 license to the V3 license with similar price.

2. As for the project upload, it can be made via the cloud only. You need the Internet only on the stage of project upload/update. Then the project can work without the Internet. Transfer app is used for testing only.

Sincerely yours,

Olga Ermakova

iRidium mobile Team

olga can I have a trial license for one device for iPhone ios10 I want to try before I move

also can you please check for me my licesnse Site license for AMX what exactly I should choose when I do the exchange on your website I don't want to do something wrong there are many options

Dear Amr,

We do not have special licenses for V3 testing as it can be done without any licenses. Please, see more info here.

As for the exchange, you can choose any V3 license which price equals to the price of your V2 license. Please, tell us how many control panels you have in your project.

Waiting for your reply.

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours,

Olga Ermakova

iRidium mobile Team

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