remote debugging

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Is remote debugging working in

I have had it working before and now nothing is logging.

Can you please check as a matter of urgency
Hi Jackie

Really sorry for delay! Remote debugging works with iOS and 2.2.3, please check the settings in Info tab of System Settings, try to set "All" in Debug level. Which Syslog server u use?
Hi. These are my settings

Using Program: Syslog Watcher: http://www.snmpsoft.com/downloads/SyslogWatcherSetup-4.5.10-win32.msi
The Port is not in use.

We cannot get this to work on
- My Windows PC (the machine the Sys Log Watcher is on)
- an iPad 2
Hi Jackie

I am using Ipswitch Sysylog Server and our own simple server, it works fine.
I installed Syslog Watcher and it's ok too.

But I found another problem:

When you set up the debugging settings in Editor, it doesn't send this settings in client, so the Editor is not changing the debugging port on Client side.
Please check it in System Menu > Info. Generally, you have to set up the debuggig settings in Client, not in Editor for now.
We'll fix the problem in Editor in the next build.

Thanks, that will be the issue I am having. Looking forward to the fix. :)

I changed to use a different Syslog server as the example listed in the wiki keeps crashing

- I suggest using http://www.winsyslog.com, here is a basic monitoring File Basic montoring.cfg to import into Monitorware Agent to get the monitoring happening and so you can see it in

a. the Interactive Syslog viewer:

b. Write it to a file (you will need to set the location of the file):

- This is the information Olga said to set on the iRidium i2 Control System Menu | Info- essential or nothing will work!


A basic config file for WinSyslog that works :) Basic montoring.cfg