swith WLan to 3G control myhome system by iridium

Nguyễn Trực 9 years ago in i2 Control V2.2 updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 12
I can control myhome system by WLAN, but I don't know setup IP and Port when I use to smartphone turn 3G .Can you help me swith WLAN to 3G in iridium software.
Thank you !
Check that your mobile provider allows you to use the external port of your equipment, some ports could be locked on the provider side. Try to use any external WiFi network to connect with external settings. Is it works? Show you connectin settings in privat message
I don't know setup external port and IP address on iridium software. You can create a project about choose between 3G (or external wifi) and internal WLan.thank you for reading!
About switching between Internet and local connection read on our wiki.

In this page you can download the finished project

To find out your external IP address you can use one of Internet resources. For example http://whoer.net

thank you! . I open scripts on project:

I find out my externet IP address. But this is dynamic IP. I don't know my project set up IP addrees=?

You cannot use the Dynamic IP as an external host. You have to get the static IP from your Internet provider or use DynDNS service to get your own domain name instead of static IP. Please contact your provider or system administrator to get more details
Thank you Ekaterina! My Problem is: I have two internal IP address: first IP address is IP of global cache control air conditioner (IP=, second IP address is IP control myhome system(IP= Now i want to switch extenal IP and internal IP. Can you help me?
Unfortunately you cannot switch the My Home driver, it's the beta version and it doesn't support all the functions, sorry. So you have to use an external IP locally and externaly or make 2 separated drivers with the different settings.
You can switch the GC driver from local to external IP. First of all you have to set up the Port Forwarding on your Router. Then use the instruction from our Wiki for the new GC driver:

If you have an Old GC driver (from GC.db database), u have to switch the connection settings using the command for "AV & Custom Systems (TCP)" as in your previous message
consequence, I must create three functions, first function is host- port control global cache, second function is host- port control myhome system, third function is host-port of extenal internet (3G).
i have global cache. Defaut Port Number of IP 2SL =80. I want to chance Port Number=81. Can You Guite me?
You dont need the Port 80 to CONTROL Global Cache, the control ports will be: 4998 and 4999 (TCP), you have to forward them.
Port 80 is only for setting via the web-interface.

You are able to forward port 81 (inet) to 80 (local) please see the Forwarding settings on your router.
It is better to ask your system administrator about forwarding settings, it is not the same on different routers, and it is not about iRisium.
Send me the screen-shot of the router web-interface with the page of Forwarding settings.
My problem is I can't control both myhome system and Global cache in iridium interface turn on 3G because they are different IP address.When I use to external internet ( 3G) , I use DynDDS , I control Myhome System by Port =80 , I can't control Global cache because it's use Port=80 too.
I want to chance Port Number of internet Cable connect with Global Cache = 81 .And Port Number of internet Cable connect with Myhome System is 80. My English is Poor, I hope You understand this problem.