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exceptions not getting generated when the should be...

rocfusion 10 лет назад в iRidium Script / Interface scripts обновлен Oksana (expert) 9 лет назад 3

Take a look at the following project.  Run it….

The script refers to two popups from which only one exists in the project.

When the scripts runs, I would expect  "    var full = parent.GetItem(path[1]);" would generate an exception given that path[1]  doesn't contain anything when used against the beginpage variable.  Instead the full variable is assigned null.

The IR.GetPopup should generate an exception for the nextpage variable.  Given that we assigning an popup that doesn't exist in the project. 



Hello Roger!

Thank you for your idea. It is available for voting for now. The more votes it gets the sooner it will be implemented.

At the moment you can check:

if(null != IR.GetItem(name))
Hi Sergey,

I know that's what I am using now.  Another point to note is IR.ShowPopup and IR.HidePopup currently work the same, there is no indication whether these methods fail because the popup doesn't exist in the project.


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