[iOS]HWID change when install app on one device

Cabrini Erich 9 jaar geleden in Licensing and marketing bijgewerkt door feri setiawan 8 jaar geleden 3
In this days I had need to reset some iPad.
When I installed i2Control app, I see that all HWID is changed. Why?
Hello Carbimi Erich,

Remember that i2 Control V2.2 for iOS ( iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) will change HWID if you delete the application and then install it again! Install one more application of the same developer (iRidium mobile) on your iOS device (for example, i2 Control and i2 Control V2.2 for HWID not to change at deletion of one of the applications.

I installed IOS 8 and hwid was changed.. I want transfer license.. how?

You have to do the same as you have a new Panel: search in Transfer, get the new HWID and go to the web-site to activate a license again. But you dont need the new license - please use the "Deactivate" option with your previous license, you will be able to use it again then. We have added one more deactivation attempt for all the activated device licenses in the User Cabinets.