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SIP and Asterisk

Damian Hartin 9 years ago in General updated by Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 8 years ago 5

Has anyone setup Asterisk for SIP Video comms in iRidium?

I am using the SIP_Video_Source.irpz project and can get voice to work but not video. Have downloaded some generic sip clients for two iPads and video does work on those using the Asterisk server, so I'm not sure why the iRidium project will not.

Have only got H.263 and u-law enabled in the Asterisk server

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Hello Demian
Sorry for delay

What is your Asterics version?

Please install the Wireshark app on your PC and save the log file from iridium and any other app that works on PC.

Wireshark settings

  • choose network connection by press on round icon (highlighted on screenshot)
  • press start
  • add sip || rtp in Filter and press Enter
  • Start the iRIdium app on PC (connected to Server), call to door phone and try to send tones
  • End call
  • Press red icon Stop in Wireshark
  • Press File > Export Specified Packets... > Selected Packets
  • Save the Log
  • Do the same with external SIP application on PC that works properly and send us 2 log files. it will help to find a reason of this issue


I have the domvision 2.2 app and asterisk 13.1 running on a synology server for a year now. which is working.




Do you have running the 2.2 app on the Synolgy server? Or only the Astrisk 13.1 ?

Please you have running the 2.2 app running on Synology, please explain how...



Hi Theo,

Ok, the synology server is running the Asterisk 13.1. the client is the domvision 2.2 app.



Thanks Roger,

It was just to be sure ;-)