emulator error

Sasan Safari 9 years ago in GUI Editor updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 2
I have the trial version for one month.
Once the emulator has started when i want to perform it again it gives an error: Attention! emulator can not be closed due to the lack of access rights, close it manually. How can we close it manually? when i push F buttons F4 F8 nothing happens!

Many thanks
Hello Sasan!

This problem related with Editor starts without Administrator rights. You can just close the Emulator window opened now, then Editor will be able to start another one.
But if the Emulator is not starting again when you close it, see the task manager. If you see iridium.exe there, it's a problem of video-card drivers of your PC. Install the newest driver from the developer web-site, install DirectX from Microsoft web-site: it should be ok then.