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Is it possible to create a project bases on a XML file.
The XML can contain the number of rooms and controls

When I generate popups and pages in Javascript, the popups and pages aren't available in the GUI editor's Projects Overview. Is there a way that to create an interface based on a XML file and still is editable through the GUI editor?

Hello, Erwin!

It is possible to create a project based on the XML file.The .irpz file contains the Project.irp file, it’s the xml file of the project. The xml file contains all information about your project, its pages, popups, effects and scripts and etc. This file is created by Editor. But it can be also created manually. Please read and learn the structure of the file before you create it manually.

With regards,
Victoria Vaynert.
Hi Victoria,

Thanks for the answer, this speed things up.
I was wondering if iRidium Mobile has a XSD available for the structure of the project. That would be great.

We've asked about XSD too, and got answer 'no, we have no XSD released to be public'.

Then we started crowd sourcsing description of irp's XML structure: https://bitbucket.org/estbeetoo/irp_structure

Feel free to fork it, contribute, etc.

Someone even able to create XSD by community efforts.

We, in BeeToo team constructing (generating) whole itidium project from the separate parts based on specific logic.

With help of npm / node.js / grunt.

There was iRidium + BeeToo webinar dedicated to that topic:

Sorry, it's in russian.

But you may contact us and ask some questions: info@beetoo.me

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