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Предложения по вики

KO_Avans 10 years ago in General updated by Oksana (expert) 9 years ago 2
I ask you to make the programming section, where the description of how the protocols of equipment (Airplay, UPnP) control work & the examples of projects of working with these protocols are given. It is one of the most implementable & popular protocols nowadays, but there is no section in your encyclopedia. Support team (programming department) can't fully explain or help with such questions sending to the self-learning section. If there is no specialist who knows what's what, just give references to Russian literature that deals with such protocols. If you have such a specialist, make webinars, even if they're to be paid, not to have questions on this problem any more.
Would be grateful, if you'll take it into account, &, more than that, you'll realise this.