rgbw under dmx controller

geekhouse srls 9 years ago in JS modules updated 9 years ago 2

Hello guys, i am trying out the new strip led rgbw working with the HDL DMX Controller.
I am trying to add the white channel to the color picker JS script.

Do you have any clue about the lines i should add in this piece of script where i had the line

and also under DEVICE.SET ?

Thank you

function work_pick_color(in_color_picker, in_color_resipient, in_sRed, in_sGreen, in_sBlue, in_swhite)
   var device = IR.GetDevice("HDL-BUS Pro Network (UDP)");                        // HDL Gateway in Project Device Tree
   var color = in_color_picker.PickColor;
   var red = (color  >> 24) & 0xFF;
   var green = (color >> 16) & 0xFF;
   var blue = (color >> 8) & 0xFF;
    var white = 

   in_color_resipient.GetState(1).FillColor = color;

   device.Set(in_sRed, red*(100/255)); 
   device.Set(in_sGreen, green*(100/255));
   device.Set(in_sBlue, blue*(100/255));
   device.Set(in_sWhite, white*(100/255));



How do you plan to get the White color from ColorPicker? RGB pallet consist of 3 colors - Red, Green, Blue. You can change their intensity, but there is No White color there.

If the White controlled by separated channel in your HDL dimmer, please make a separated Level under the ColorPicker and control the White like a normal dimmer without script.

But if there is only 3 Channels in RGB, please use the method showed here to change the intencity:


Yep i was wondering exactly how to add the white to the color picker joystick. By the way, yes i have used a separated channel in the DMX controller, so i will keep using a level and a button for the white ;) thabk yo