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Problem with feedback from multizone tcp controller

oggi katic 8 years ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems updated by Jackie Roos 8 years ago 6

I have a problem to get a feedbeck from my multiroom controller.

i can control system when sending commands like this one:


But i can't get any feedback from controller and the only commandes i have from manufaktur is:

Example Get routing info for zone 1 Command

#|X001|web| GV01|0|U|return

Answer #|web|X001| V01|20|U|return

I have tried to read feedback into a value or text field but without succes.

i hope somebody can halp.. thx

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Do you have tried to use a listener on the event of receiving data from the driver?


Hi there.

No i havent tried that yet.. i am pretty new in irdium so need to read more articles/ wiki first .

Please try these features and tell us about the results

Hey everybody.

i have tried all possible ways to get the feedback from a multizone controller but without lock.

it works fine to send commands like that:


This is the feedback codes from manufactor and i have tried to read values from event_change_tag into log but without luck.

#|X001|web| GV01|0|U|return

Answer #|web|X001| V01|20|U|return

Is somebody know how to get a feedback return to etc. Volume Level from this codes.

thanks a lot

Well, now i got a feedback into Log after press example Vol Up and get this feedback:

But is it possible to get this commands into Database or is it neccesary to write a script?

V02 = Zone 2

70 = Level of volume

7388 = dont know what it is, but it change on every feedback

The big question is:

how can i convert these feedbacks to for example Level Bar of volume ?

then when i press vol up it increase / decrease level bar who shows the actual zone ?


You will need to write a script to break up the feedback received and write it to a feedback for use in the GUI Editor driver feedback. Start here: http://wiki2.iridiummobile.net/IRidium_DDK

If it is just the volume that you need, contact me (jackie@jamware.com), and $50USD will get you a script to get the volume feedback - send me your test project and I will add it all in for you :)

Or if you want, if you send the documentation I can write a full driver for the controller with all the commands and feedback for you for a reasonable price. (I will need remote access to the controller for testing)