FontID & ImageID & IconID logic

Эмиль Боев 9 years ago in GUI Editor updated 9 years ago 6
Each time one save project in irpz, GUI editor updates IDs for fonts, images and icons for all items through the project.

  1. For what?
  2. What the sort logic or rule being used while re-arranging images, icons, fonts?
  3. May I ask you to remove this logic in future releases of iRidium GUI editor and "freeze" the order?
Hi, the save dialog is there to show you that the project is being saved. Given that saving can sometimes take time, its there to keep you informed that the save is still in progress. If you are adding and removing a lot of graphical images in your projects, what may help with the save time is to use the delete unused items button. This can remove any graphic images which are contained in the project and not being used any graphical item. http://wiki2.iridiummobile.net/Creating_the_Graphic_Part_of_iRidium_Projects#Optimization_of_the_Project_Graphic_Part

Hu, Rocfusion! Thanks for info.
And... so what? =)
It is just an index number of Font, Image, Icon. The list of indexes cannot be used as unique identifier of resource and cannot be related with some unique image or font. So no, we will not change this logic.
Ekaterina, thank you for response.
Okay, I got it.
May I ask you to reveal the logic of assigning these ids while guy editor saving the project?
IDs is a numbers from 1 to n created when project Saved.
Saving process goes by the list of Pages and Items sequently, and adding all the founded fonts, images, icons to the lists, numbered by IDs.
So the font on the first page and first item of project will be the first in this list. It is the same for all the other objects, marked by ID in xml structure.
Thank you great for help and info!