Fonts Used in a project.

rocfusion 9 years ago in GUI Editor updated by Oksana (expert) 8 years ago 3

It would be useful to know which fonts are used on which popup \ page in a single report.

Given the logic of the GUI editor when a graphical uses a particular font it will added into the project. When there are no graphical items using a that font then it will be removed from the project. Therefore if you try to change the font for an entire project and you miss one graphical item state, you can spend hours trying to find that one state that still refers to a font you don't want anymore.


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Hi Roger!
How do you imagine it? As a file of log? as a button "create report"?
Hi Ekaterina,
Something similar to the unused items or All relations button. So an line with a font name and then a list of popups and pages using the font. Keep it simple.