USB interface of Mobile Phone with i2Control

Patrick PETIT 9 jaar geleden in i2 Control V2.2 bijgewerkt door Oksana (expert) 9 jaar geleden 3


I will use for a mobil phone app a i2Control KNX driver and the serial port RS232.

It would be for application to a wheelchair for a person with disabilities.

Is it posible to install on a mobile phone androïd Galaxy S4 (for example), a virtual serial port to the USB port using a port emulation driver RS232 (as is done a PC) ?
And use it with i2control ?

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Hi Patrick,

I don't know if it possible to do what you want, but i have been able to make things work using Moxa converters:
maybe you could use a RS232 to WiFi converter?
With most devices it is then possible to just use the TCP driver for iRidium to send commands to the device.