Global Cache iTach Flex - latest firmware (710-3000-16) not working with iRidium

Jackie Roos 8 лет назад в Продукты / Other drivers обновлен Justin 8 лет назад 3


The latest version of Global Cache iTach Flex Firmware stops the Flex from

1. being discovered in iRidium Util

2. and i2 Control cannot find it so does not connect and does not work

Version tested and working on 710-3000-14

Version tested and NOT working on 710-3000-16

Can you please work with Global Cache to get this fixed


For those who need, the reply from Global Cache with an iHelp to roll back

"We have been made aware of the issue with iRidium. I am attaching a file with iHelp 4.6. You can use this to "Update Device" in the right-click menu. That will regress the firmware and webpage of the device to the previous -14 firmware. We are working on an updated version to allow iRidium compatibility."

iHelp (1).exe

Thank you Jackie. Also just discovered this the hard way. Thanks for posting the iHelp utility.

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