Working with several Channels in Project Device Panel

Eddie Barrientos 9 years ago in GUI Editor updated by Oksana (expert) 8 years ago 2
I would like a couple of functions when working with Channels in the Project Device Panel.

1. To be able to select several channels and assign the repeat value to all of the selected channels. For example, I am currently working with 7 Sony TVs and their extended code set is of around 300 channels. I have to select each channel and manually change their repeat value to 3, since the GC database doesn't include the repeat value necessary for the codes to work.

2. To be able to select several channels and add either a text or a number at the end of each channel's name. Sometimes you need to identify each channel with either their numeric identifier or text identifier to be able to work in Script easier. For example, I would like to select all channels for any TV database and to have their names reassigned to:

3D OFF Living Room
3D ON Living Room
POWER ON Living Room
POWER OFF Living Room
VOLUME UP Living Room

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