equipment driver swop out

Barry Jones 8 years ago in General updated by Oksana (expert) 8 years ago 2

hi guys would like to be able to swop or replace a device driver that is already population a page or pop up.

let me give an example

i have a samsung led tv installed on my page, i would like to change this to a lg tv with out having to create a new page or going the the pain of having to replace every code manually. as most of our ir codes. may be a way is when you select a page or popup it shows you what drivellers are installed on it and then you can select that driver and swop it with another one from your list, i.e. elect samsung tv swop with lg tv, this would speed up the process.

contact for more info, have used this on many different remote platforms, i.e. oncontrols, push controls, logitech, and so on.