Dynamic Images import file

josvanstiphout 10 years ago in GUI Editor updated by Oksana (expert) 9 years ago 2

In ' Dynamic Images' ' import file' is grayed out.
I would like to play an instruction video stored local on the iPad within the iRidium SW.
Is this possible, or is there a work arround for this.

Kind regards,
Jos van Stiphout
Hi Jos van Stiphout!

1. Dinamics images from a project can be export with the "Export All Cameras" button to the Graphics Gallery. After this you can add the all Dinamics Images to another project with Drag & Drop from the Graphics Gallery.

2. It can not be possible with only iRidium SW and iPad. You need a Stream Video Server Software on iPad to Stream a video to local network with IP access and convert the stream to the iRidium supoorted video formats (mjpeg, h264, mpeg-4).

More information about set up dinamics images: