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I am working with a driver written in AV&Custom systems, not a core driver.


I can see how I can get the command as described in the wiki:

[11-02-2016 17:25:19.359] INFO Name: NameCommand = id:5 name:AC Fan UP COOL data:

But can how can I then use this information to send the command to the driver from JavaScript?

Let's assume I cannot access the driver script.

Possible solutions:

1. Send the driver's command from javascript - eg I want to send a command to the driver from JavaScript so I can using all the programming that has already been done in the driver before it sends the command, eg bounds checking - is this possible? how?

2. Is there any way to set a driver command to an item's press event from JavaScript, like I can access the state information.

3. anything else you can think of?


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You can use this information for example if you don't know the ID under which the command in the driver, but know the name of this command. This way you can contact this command by name and then using the syntax that we have described on the wiki, to take ID for this command and use it in the script.

Hi Dmitry

sorry it's been so long I do not remember what I was trying to do. Please close this issue



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