Sonos Update

Yeliz Tarhan 9 years ago in JS modules updated by greefon 8 years ago 7


We have updated our sonos a project. Your Sonos module did not work. Screen "Loading"



When working with the module, you must have at least one Sonos connected to the network. Our module shows the message "Loading" because it can't find Sonos in the network.

We have one Sonos connected to network. We control it on Sonos app. But we couldn't control on iridium mobile now. Before upgrade sonos firmware and sonos app. We controled it well.

Check connects with standard application Sonos Controller. At the moment we will not edit the module. As a solution to your problem I can suggest to revert to an older working firmware. Or try this module http://www.iridiummobile.net/products/module/sonos_by_rocfusion/

Hello! Any news on latest firmware? We also use several sonos with previous firmware. I suppose we should't update it, should we?

As I wrote above, we not will edit the module for Sonos at near time. We therefore recommend not to update the firmware.

Dear Yeliz Tarhan have you solved this problem with update - can you still control player with iridium module?

6.1.1 version works OK with iRidium