How can we observe open level of shutter and sliding gate?

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I want to observe state of shutter and sliding gate during I open it like how much level it was open ?

I used iridium to control MyHome system . Please help me !
Driver "My home" doesn't give a feedback from a level of shutters. There are only 3 commands: Up, Down and Stop, without "Dimension". Basically, You can emulate opening of shutters with your button via script (without real feedbacks from a device), but we don't have an example.
can I use to diferent driver? Or can I use sensor observe state of shutter ?
Unfortunately, we don't have information, which equipment supports a feedback from a level of shutters. You can research websites of equipment manufacturers.
About emulate opening of shutters

Based on time of closing and opening of shutters that you can determine visually you can set visualisation with the help of animated elements, e.g. gif animation. "Stop" can't be displayed in intermediate states because there is no a parameter "position of the shutters".
Script is required in any case to determine when and in which direction should the animation be runned. We can help in this case. But there is no animated shutters in iRidium graphic library. If you'll make frame animation of closing and opening, send it to us, we'll help with the example of the script.

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