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Project Sounds bug - please fix asap

Hans Schiessl 9 years ago in GUI Editor updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 15

Issue with soundfiles in projectfolder

When adding soundfiles in projectfolder (import), the soundfiles frequently are not well imported.

The filesize of the imported file becomes 0 kB and no sound is heared when playing the sound in the emu. The original file is okay (my source added as an example, this file also was broken after import in project library) mediabox.mp3

Please fix ASAP.

iRidium GUI Editor, Version on Windows 7

That's what I asked for, my comment is about main topic without any data. We'll check it, thanks

Under review

Can you please share more details?

What kind of details do you want? What is not clear?

Can u please show the sample of source folder with file? Is it local or network folder?
Is it possible that some other app uses this file?

I cannot repeat this issue with your file sample, copied 100 times and imported from local folder.

The issue may occures if the Editor cannot access to file when copying, but the reasons is not clear

sourcefolder is local. Import when more than one file simultaneously seems to activate the issue. After import, SOME of the sounds are 0kb large. Not all, not the first imported, not the last, random. geluiden_google_translate_custom.zip

tryed different ways to import the folder, but it works fine on my PC. I'll check on another one.
Maybe it will help you for the moment to get the already imported files for database. Please unzip and copy to

C:\Users\<user>\Documents\iRidium mobile 2\Settings\Editor\Sounds


It fails here, randomly, no doubt.

Can you pls try to copy the sounds in another directory and try again. If the editor cannot copy the file from source folder such problem may occurs, but we have to know why it cannot copy the file

All audio files are in the same local folder.

Some sounds copy, others not.

You can try yourself, you have the zip with the soundfiles.

Hello to all,

i tried this in the new iRidium Studio.

These are the results:

Import of the sounds files is ok. All files are imported in the right folder.

But: the files can not played in the Sound Menu.
When i drag & drop a sound to a button, i can press the button and hear the sound.

So, the problem in iRidium Studio is to play the sounds in the sound menu



Hi Theo, Studio is not supports this function for the moment

Hi Kaaty? What do you mean with "Is not supported"? The IMPORT of the sound-files, or PLAYING the sound files in the gallery?