Ensuring Feedback with use of multiple devices

j4zz J4zzee 7 years ago in i2 Control V2.2 updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 3

Hi there ! :)

I guess it is possible, however I am wondering which method to use for the following:

Let's imagine I have a project in Iridium and I want to use it on 2 different PC's. How can I ensure synchronization of the second PC if I press a button on the first (same project are used in both PC's). I thought about using Iridium Gate Server, however not sure it works without creating a device channel.

This could be simple if the feedback comes for instance from KNX/IP Driver. However, in that case, I just want a pressing button function to be synchronized on the second PC (and vice versa).

Hope my question was clear...

Thank you.

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In the second version of Iridium, two panels can only be linked using the AV & Custom System driver.

For example:

TCP Client.irpz

TCP Server.irpz

But in the third version of Iridium for this you can use the Iridium server.

For example:




Wow, it works! I am actually using version 2 of Iridium and I was able to make it run. However, the script, as an example, gives me the possibility to write a text. Would it be possible to adapt this example to run a function on server from the client?

Thanks for your support.