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iRidium version 2.2 supports push notifications for IOS. I would like to use this feature to send custom notifications. the first practical feature would be to send a notification of incoming SIP transmissions, even when the app has been inactive for more than 30 minutes. there are many more features that would benefit from this solution.

There are two requirements to make this happen:
1. you have to have a certificate to send the notifications to the APNS. This certificate can be downloaded if you have an apple developer account. I have this covered, no action required for you.
2. you have to have the Device Token so you know where to send the APN. this is where i need your help.
Therefore my question, could you display this token somewhere in the app or the settings?
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Could you please give me an update on this question?
Would this be a possibility, and if so, what would a reasonable timeframe be to consider?
Hello, R riksma!

There's a conceptual mistake in your arguments: you can't use your push certificate to send notification to our app. And we, of course, won't give you our push certificate, because all the users are connected with it.
So, even if we'll give you the access to Device Token, you won't be able to use it because you don't have our push certificate.
Push certificate will be available only for sending messages via our service which is not availableat the moment. This service is not available because iRidium does't support push notification at present, it supports only local notification, and it is quite different.
So, please, wait for support of iRidium push notification, now there is nothing to do.

Best regards,
iRidium mobile Support Team

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