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iRidium and CSV files with data

bm1209 9 years ago in General updated by iRidiumNikita 9 years ago 1
I have a question regarding the possibility of cooperating iRidium system with CSV files with data. I want to implement the following functionality: I have a PLC connected with energy meter, PLC gathers data from energy meter and saves it into CSV files. I can write a function in the PLC program which could send this CSV file into the specified localization, for example on the PC. Is it possible to send such CSV file into iRidium system and use historical logs from energy meter which are inside this file?

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Try to find the API for your PLC device and based on them to write a driver in iRidium GUI editor. This driver using API commands will accept data from your PLC and display them in the control panel. How to write your driver look at our Wikipediahttp://wiki2.iridiummobile.ru/IRidium_Script_API#Drivers_API