try the new UI module for iRidium mobile to control Kodi (XBMC)

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30 day trial release is now available

Let your clients control Kodi and get to their media in no time. Find the latest movies and tv shows added to their Kodi system. Quickly get back to that show or movie you were watching. Be surprised, choose one of the random movies or tv shows and just watch.

This one module allows control of all the Kodi systems on the local network, switch between, update, and restart them.

If your interested please download the 30 day trial from, http://1drv.ms/1HYMZOa

Both device and site licenses are available for purchase.

When you have questions please contact kodi@rocfusion.com

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Hi Roger! Maybe you are working on Plex also? So many users looking for it, but our programmers cannot start with driver update..
Hi, sure that would be great. Have thought about it for sometime. The thing hold me back is that there is no support for websockets in iridium
How it should look to be useful for you? Our guys says it is possible to use websockets, but maybe the current state is not convenient for you?


I am trying to develop a driver for the Loxone smart automation system. Ideally this would require making use of websockets. Can you confirm that this is possible in Iridium...and maybe simple instructions how to go about it?

Thx, Filip

Sorry for delay with answer. Unfortunately iridium does not support web sockets