External Communication with the IP/KNX interface

Patrick PETIT 9 years ago in i2 Control V2.2 updated 9 years ago 6
To communicate (with I2control) by internet with the Weinzierl IP/KNX BAOS 772 interface, is it possible to insert the domain name with the port number instead of the public IP address ?
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Yes you can use the static IP or domain name. It will work the same

I did the tests on the local network with a static address and the external network (internet) with a public address, that's OK.
Now I am replacing the public address by the domain name I have created a DynDNS service.

With the public address
I realize the following command:

var DriverKnxBaos = IR.GetDevice("KNX IP BAOS 772"); //Assign the driver to the variable
DriverKnxBaos.SetParameters({Host: "X.X.X.X", Port: "12004", UpdateTime: "0"});

With "X.X.X.X" = the public address

With the domain name I pass this command?

DriverKnxBaos.SetParameters({Host: "Domain Name:12004", Port: "12004", UpdateTime: "0"});

or this command?

DriverKnxBaos.SetParameters({Host: "Domain Name", Port: "12004", UpdateTime: "0"});

With "Domain Name" = the Domain Name created


I ask the question because at the moment, I have no telephone adapted to install I2control.
I perform the test with my laptop on an external network.

This one:

DriverKnxBaos.SetParameters({Host: "Domain Name", Port: "12004", UpdateTime: "0"});