Wake On LAN - turn on PC via network

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please see the example allows you to turn on the remote PC thru the local network by the MAC address of this PC


This does not working any non beta IOS clients  2.2.1 or less,  it does work in the 2.2.1 windows emulator.

To send a WOL packet it should be sent to the broadcast address of the local network using the UDP driver.  The IOS clients cannot send to the broadcast address.



We have checked this "magic packets" in office some time ago, it is not necessary to use the broadcast address if you know the current address of PC which you need to call.
The problem could be in the "Local Port" settings of driver (it should not be zero), or in the settings of PC. Please check that the WOL option enabled in the BIOS settings and in the network card settings. If it is ok, we'll check this project again.
Thank you!

It WORK's when sending to an broadcast address using the windows emulator client.  SO port settings and BIOS settings are irrelevant in this situation. It does not work with IOS clients WHY?



Hi, you must set the broadcast address: and it will work.

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