"Freezing" static list when pressing button until button release.

TuomoHautala 9 jaar geleden in iRidium Script / Interface scripts bijgewerkt door Ekaterina (head of support) 9 jaar geleden 4

I have static list on my project for PC and i have buttons with press and release event. When I move cursor out from button while pressing the button, static list moves and now when i release, it wont send relase command. So can i remove "drag static list" event when pressing on button so static list will not move, and put "drag static list" event back when releasing button?

Hi TuomoHataula,

I think that is essentialy what is requested in this topic. Quite a few people have voted for it and it is planned. Maybe someone from iRidium Support can give an estimate of a probable completion date.

Well yes. It would be great to have that option on GUI editor. I'm just asking how static list works so i can solve this problem now so i can get my project done now. :) Button should work like normal level item on gui editor. When you press level, list wont move until you release.

Solved problem by creating blank transparent level item on the dim graphic button. When pressing level item, it sends commands and static list wont move if you move cursor out from button. Level item sends 1 on press and 0 on release to the graphic button to indicate button state.