any plans for supporting smart TV platfor such as LG NetCast [asWeb Application]

Faisal Alkhaldi 11 years ago in Products / Other drivers updated by Oksana (expert) 8 years ago 5
Dear support team,

how can we use iridium over smart TV platforms such as LG NetCast, where an iridium app can be installed and use the smart TV as a user interface?


Thank you..
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Dear Faisal,
we've already received the same question from other installers. The idea is great! But iRidium programmers need a lot of time for creating special client for such platforms. And I can't tell you exactly when iRidium will be able to support LG Smart TV (our programmers are going to test and produce client for this platform).

With regards,
Victoria Vaynert.
Thats wonderful…

all the best to iridium and all partners… :)

Thank you Faisal!

We're pleased to hear such nice words from you!

Victoria Vaynert.