​​Razberry Zwave - v2.1.1

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Razberry Zwave - v2.1.1 does not work with Iridium - Razberry v1.7.2 and V2.0.0 have feedback but no control - anyone fix this?

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What license are you using?

Using a Trial license on iridium (Driver type is custom HTTP - TCP) and using RAZBERRY Firmware v2.1.1 - If I use RAZBERRY Firmware 1.7.2 I can read the device on Iridium but not write to RAZBERRY


Have you tried to connect using the module on our website? https://s3.amazonaws.com/iridium2_downloads/JS+Modules/RaZberry+iRidium+Driver+2.1.1+.zip

You can send your project?

Can also try the following if you use the Authorization:

" It is possible to work with Z-Way without authorization:

1) Create a rooms. And place in them, the devices you want to control.

2) Create the Anonymous user. Settings (cogwheel icon in the upper right corner) --> Management --> User management --> Add user --> Anonymous User.

After saving the settings, device access will be possible without authorization. "

Brilliant, thank you - this is now working. The error was as described - although I would add that do not create a profile name when creating the Anonymous user - this is where I went wrong.

Development of the driver engaged a third-party organization. We can't affect it.