Script garbage memory collected

globus2008 11 years ago in iRidium Script / AV and Driver scripts updated by Oksana (expert) 9 years ago 3
When I log my project that contains a lot of scripts I got sometimes system message "Script garbage memory collected.". When the project runs under PC panel then nothing happens. But in case of android tablet, it stops working and iRidium app shuts down after a while. This device has android 4.0, 1Gb CPU and 512Mb RAM. There is the same result with iRidium 2.0 and beta 2.1.

Do you have an idea how to force the project working without crash please?
Best regars,

Hi Tomas,

"Script garbage memory collected." is normal for any project that contains an script.  As a script is executed memory is allocated for variables and functions,  when those are no longer used the memory is cleared,  and that what that message is telling us.

Which version of the GUI editor are you using? What do you mean by nothing happens when running the project in Windows?  If you are using an older release of the GUI editor like 2.07 or below,  run the emulator with your project, at the point that you see that the project is loading in the emulator, press F4 to show the log window. Now you should see entries in the log where the project is initializing,  check to see if there any script exception message.  There are certain script exceptions that will prevent the app from running.


Hi Roger,
you are right. I finally installed Syslog server and I could see that script passed throught this message. The problem was probably because I had iRidium Transfer and GUI editor in version 2.1 and iRidium Client in my tablet in version 2.0. When I upgraded Client to 2.1 then the problem disappared.
So it is solved. Thanks.