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Giljan 10 лет назад в iRidium Script / Interface scripts обновлен Oksana (expert) 9 лет назад 7

Is it posssible to use an editbox as an password field, so it displays bullets instead of text?
Hello, Giljan!

Please try project.

It may will create with easy script and two items.
Hello Sergey,

I have tried the password project, but it works not as I expected.
But I have found an easier solution. Now I have used a password font, what visualize each charcters as a bullet.

Maybe it's an idea to implement a password property to the editbox item in a next version of iRidium?
Hello, Giljan!

Yes this great idea for password font!
Hello Giljan,

Can you tell me where you found this Password font ? I found one online but it did not work…


I got it fixed…

I had to set the Password Font in both states of the edit box…now it works…

I have added the password font as an attachment.

Maybe it is useful for other people.

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