Android and portrait mode

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I have a Nexus 7 tablet from 2013. When I run a project in portrait mode,the android menu is displayed on the left like I was in landscape mode. Normally this menu is expected to increase at the bottom of the screen. I made a screenshot attached.
Is this normal? Is there a solution?

Another question: Is it possible to hide this menu, as in many applications where it apparent when touches the bottom of the screen?

Excuse me for my bad English…
thank you
Hello nicofisch,

We know about this situation. It relates with orientation of i2 control app in Android devices.
i2 control app starts in Landscape always, therefore you see menu your device in Landscape.

Now, we recommend to use Landscape orientation in your project, not portrate


I guess this must be dependent on the Android device,  I have implemented portrait projects on the Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia phones, where these buttons don't appear.  Must be because they have physical controls for these buttons.