Javascript Date object returns different values on iOS and windows

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I'm in Timezone GMT +1 (DST) (Amsterdam)
Doublechecked the settings on pc and iPhone.

Use this script:

var d1 = new Date();
IR.GetItem("Page 1").GetItem("Item 1").Text = d1.toString();

When i run this on my computer it returns the current time with info: GMT+1 but it doesn't take DST in account.
So my computer clock says for example 10:20 and iRidium says 9:20, where my computer clock is the right one.

When printing d1.toUTCString(); it does return the correct UTC time.

On iOS the time is shown ok in iridium with the above script, but it shows info GMT+2. Which in fact isn't right as we still are in timezone GMT+1, but with DST active. Not sure if the last thing is an iOS issue or an iRidium implementation issue.

When sending times from iOS to computer and back there are conversion errors because of the above problems, so this is unusable at the moment.

Please fix:
- the problem with local time on Windows
- timezone in iOS to GMT+1 (DST) instead of GMT+2

Thank you

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