Multiple feedbacks for one object

evg 8 years ago in GUI Editor updated by Oksana (expert) 8 years ago 6

Rather often it is needed to display multiple feedback for one object to make GUI simplier in development.

For example for room air: 18*C/50% - <temp>/<humidity>

It would be great to use something like this in code $V*C<someSeparator>/$V%

You could do it with scripting, collate the different feedbacks into a string and then either assign to a token or straight to the text property of a button.



I can do lots of things with scripting and of cource this very simple task. But it will take more time than just grud and drop" function

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For the moment it will be the best way to create a separated display items with the different feedback channels, but we have to think about how to use it.

You have to remember about separator and about Feedback position in Relations tab, but mey be it is better to highlight the template when you drag the channel on it? Like this:

When you drag on $V, it doesn't ask about "In Value, In Text, ..."

When you drag on Item base, it asks like it was

the thing is when you need to make some text and then place some values.
For example like this (underlined is feedbacks):

Main room: speed 100%, temp 23.5

When speed will be 0% there will be extra space because "temp" field is fixed. Like this:

Main room: speed 0%, __temp 23.5

Some times this looking not good at all.
But this task is not critical :)

you can use the text alignment:

and it will always be fine, without an additional spaces