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iRidium + Fibaro

Geovani Costa 9 лет назад в Готовые скриптовые модули обновлен iRidiumNikita 9 лет назад 1

I'm doing the integration of Iridium + Fibaro. Even buying a license on the site described in the manual (http://rus.z-wave.me/shop/programnoe-obespechenie/) only conguimos control modules in the HC2 in hand design with the Driver Fibaro.

When I make a new project can not control any Fibaro module. We realize that has some scripts on the blocked license password, someone could guide me on how to properly using and enjoying the license on a project with Iridium + Fibaro?

Thank you
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For work with Fibaro module, requires a license from Z-wave - which is developer of this module.

Contacts the developer you can find on the download page of the module.

Also in the archive with the module has a manual describing the work with this module.

To use this module in your project, you need to merge the projects.

How to merge the projects

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