Dynamic images using FTP

Rossen Ratchev 11 jaar geleden in i2 Control V2.2 bijgewerkt door Oksana (expert) 8 jaar geleden 3
Hi everyone,

It would be very helpful to have FTP support for dynamic images, especially for AMX installations. As you know NetLinks masters already have a running FTP server out of the box. Main use is to have a locally accesible storage that do not require additional PC or Internet for panel applications which require updatable images, like TV channel icons, some screensaver images and so on.
As far as I know currently FTP is not supported but is included in the iridium app wish list. Could please tell a release date for this feature?

Kind regards,

Hi Rossen

We have some projects with AMX too. As you told, the Netlinx controller has FTP server, but has a http server too, and is ease to create a folder on root folder and put the images files there through ftp, and access iRidium access these images through http protocol . In the last year I made a project with iRidium using dynamic images loaded in a http server and it worked so fine.

Attached is part of this project to help you